Gabe DeHaro
Great place for for a ight dinner, sushi was fresh and delicious! Beer and sake at low price, and white candle lights under a beige canopy with plenty of distance between tables.
Mindy Kim
Very nice and cool place. Of course frash n delicious
Losey Gabriella
I am so impressed with this place! I have to say I kept my expectations low due to CoVid and the potential of getting legit sushi during this time but they exceeded our expectations. I picked up a To-go order for my Dad's birthday and I had the privilege of being helped and advised by the new owner and main sushi master. I gave them some feedback of what we might not eat and what we enjoy and I gave them full trust in creating a sushi/sashimi platter masterpiece. They even gave us some extra, thank you sushi hon, we finished every bite!
Courtney Morusiewicz
Really great food and friendly service! They are also abiding by all COVID-19 precautions. Absolutely will come back
Stan Duke
They have the best sushi in town. Never been disappointed coming here since day one. Totally recommended.
D Donovan
This is surely one of the most pleasant place to eat in the neighborhood. Anytime I come to this place I am greatly pleased. They manage their high level service and the topmost level of cooking they offer. You can never go wrong with this place. Very recommended.
Babs Sheng
Not bad. Cozy, unassuming little sushi spot in ktown. Had sushi and sashimi, hot sake and asahi to wash everything down. :) salmon and yellowtail melts in your mouth. I’d come back!